When the End Comes

Written By - Tessa Cash

I look up to the sky
Icy wind weaves through high rise buildings 
Rushing without any real purpose 
Sunday night temperance perhaps

I feel empty, tinged with a sadness only detached solitude brings. 
This is the final curtain 
I feel it

You have to let it go sweetheart,
A gentle soft voice croons
Forgive yourself 
That worst self you became 
The murky waters you submerged

Deeper and deeper
For some forsaken quest 
For a love you knew wasn’t enough, 
Wasn’t right
Wasn’t for you.

Instead of being elevated to new levels
Like only real love can achieve
You sunk down into ugly ego falsity 
Oh I shudder and quake 
Receding slowly and surely from the person I once was.

This is finality 
This is totality
This is saying goodbye 
One last final time