To Speak Another’s Tongue

Written By - Tessa Cash

You see, I often ponder the height of love.

The depth, the core, the peak, the heart, the shape.

Oh the shape of love.

I’ve thought about it often, as I think about so many things.

What shape does it take, and how can I become that shape whilst still remaining in the integrity of my spirit?

Then I think about art, and love in the past, and how hard it’s been to feel love because I haven’t felt understood.

So I think about understanding, then I think a little more about what it is to understand and how one might go about that.

To understand is to learn how to speak another’s tongue.

Their language, their culture, their way of interpreting the world.

And then, to appreciate the beauty of their perception, their vision, their view of the world.

So, I fear, in fealty not in a frightened way, to learn how to speak the script of your heart.