The Silver Hills

Written By - Tessa Cash

It feels as though we’re heading into the great unknown.
A place full of whimsical hope, and dreams waiting to be realised, aching to be pulled down off the ethereal bunting, bursting into a birth of three dimensions.
Where is my magic wand?
So many things have changed.
So many things have left.
I walk up and down the silver hills as I wonder what will fill these empty spaces.
So tempting it is to look back and want to make moves to revive cold endings, which at their alloted times, took great pains to release.
What happens next?
Who will fill these empty places?
These vacant faces?
Stuck in this waiting bay, I should feel grateful for the rest.
Yet I anxiously and desperately long to begin what I came here to birth.
Impatient, and I know this; it’s taken a long time to arrive in this place, within this space and of this ample, budding mind.
Watch me change, witness me learn how to fly.
We were all born to soar.