The Shadow of Myself

Written By - Tessa Cash

Your words fill my veins with ticklish warmth of girth and song.
Of lightness,
I’m not alone.
Of tender familiarity,
I am loved.
I am known.
And I know you too. 
But the words.
I can hear you form the words on the page of the card that you chose so purposefully for me.
They’re like a portal from me to you over the oceans and terrain that separate us.
All of a sudden, for a few brief movements, you are here with me in this concrete cask I call home..
How I can’t wait to return to unconditional love.
It hits different when you rephrase and say you can’t wait to die. 
I feel as though I am finally returning to myself after being washed away, away at sea
Hidden away in a cave dealing with the shadow of myself.