The Path to Wholeness

Written By - Tessa Cash

I read your words over and over. 
Until they tasted like cardboard in my mouth. 
Until the paper was thin and brittle, ink faded, stolen away;
Until they held no meaning.
They meant nothing at all. 
Magic still weaves throughout the gesture.
The thoughts.
Your thoughts. 
I know your moon is broken. 
Your heart is buried deep beneath tangled weed and chaotic shrubbery. 
Worms mulch the dirt that make you feel safe.
You do not know but they alchemise the soil. 
One day you will stir from your heartache slumber. 
The comfort you once found will have turned stale. 
The stench assaulting your nostrils, initiating square action. 
You will start to grogily rise, awakening to a call. 
A call you perhaps do not recognise. 
A call perhaps you deny and stamp your hoof at. 
Obstinate. Fixed. Immovable.
But love made you. 
And love will move you. 
Love will carry you on the path to wholeness. 
I read your words over and over. 
They have been rendered invisible.
This time
I read in between the lines.