The End of a Beginning I Never Wanted

Written By - Tessa Cash

And you,
With you
I have barely squinted through the surface
The canopy shrouding over giant trunks 
And brushy scrub
Over dense, lush foliage 
Full of old soul stories 
And tender new affirmations 
Of love for self
And willingness to bud, to spring, to float, to fly
Once again. 

There is much abounding
Tightly, coarsely coiled
Much like the ringlets cascading
Unruly from your stoic head
Full of deep secrets
They wink and chuckle to themselves 
Twinkling mischievously 
As they meet to match 
Your evergreen forest wood eyes
Lighting up your mesmeric face. 

To know the forest
To be in awe
To marvel over toadstools
And intricate webs of spider hours
To breathe in the pungent earthy tones 
Of all that you are
And all that is you.