The Answer Lies in the Darkness

Written By - Tessa Cash

And what if nothing was good, and nothing was bad? 

What if goodness lay in giving power to goodness.

What if evil lay in giving power to evil? 

If the spirit was born pure, then the choices made around spirit, and eventually the choices made by spirit created a complex being with good thoughts and bad thoughts. 

What think you of dwelling in these so supposed evils, and finding out for one’s self? 

You can only know what is in the darkness by dwelling in the darkness. 

I have learnt how to thrive in toxic environments. 

And so you say women should protect themselves better but how can they protect themselves if men take our power away? If the archetype of damsel in distress and Cinderella exists? Men do not hold the key to our liberation.

Ancestral ties breaking the toxic dominance of the patriarchy which has stifled the divine feminine power for a long ass time.

Why are all the history books, all the religious texts, all the laws, written by men? Women carry the power to build life. They gently carry the weight of the world. Surely they should have a say in how the world runs? 

I became depressed because I was suppressing my true self. I developed an eating disorder because I felt unsafe and needed to gain back control.

I didn’t know how to protect myself so I developed obsessive compulsive tendencies to as maladaptive behaviours to protect myself. 

You can only know what is at the bottom of the ocean, by travelling to the bottom of the ocean. 

So go, and decide for yourself. Don’t speak of these things until you have. 

The answer lies in the darkness, in the question. In the mire. In the places only the brave dare to go.

Strengthening weakness takes the strongest of strength. 

When I gave all my spare change away, I suddenly felt lighter.