Now And Not Yet

Written By - Tessa Cash

And as I melt into the deep corners of the night
Thinking of this lusty sea goat love
This man who is coming

This explosive romance I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for
This person who will speak my language at long last
This old soul who’ll match my ethereal essence

Tiny clues gently reveal in the sanctity of my intuition 
He’ll be tall 
Wide brimmed

Soft yet strong 
Grounded in the earth 

This earth which I’ve walked alone forever 
Even when in company 
Wondering when I’ll encounter this spirit who’ll fan my flame yet melt my fears and stoke me when my fire is burnt out.

Oh how I’ve loved you for so long
How I’ll wait on you with sweet songs swirling around in my lofty head 
Longing for the day when I feel that safe embrace 
In the sight of your beautiful face