Love in the Time of COVID19

Written By - Tessa Cash

Isn’t it so crazy that the simplest rearrangement of DNA strands have caused the world to finally grasp that love is, in fact, the only movement that matters?

Re-writing the book (script) of life with the very molecules that life is made up of.

Kind of genius.

How earth shatteringly beautiful that is.

How it guts us to our core.

But how it has to.

It penetrates right in the deep of our diaphragms.

Our lungs, our hearts.

And with all that pressure, the heart then expands and grows bigger.

More full of love and compassion and empathy and kindness.

More full of “you matter.” “This matters. We matter. Everyone matters.”

Because every single one of us matters.

Nobody has DNA like anyone else.

And that’s a miracle.