Lost in the Fog

Written By - Tessa Cash

I find myself seeking moments of solitude and silence more than any other pursuit. The world is crumbling and with it my sensitive spirit becomes weary with distress. Who to trust when humans throw heavy words around so flippantly… lost in the fog. We are in some strange, horrifying vortex that mirrors a trip that results in ego death.
A necessary nightmare to awaken all that is misguided and unjust in the world. 

I long for lightness. For still waters so I can hear clearly, see clearly, process information with crystal clear clarity. So I can tend to my inner garden that tries earnestly to grow in amongst the turbulence and the turmoil.

My bones are penchant to soaking up pain. They become weary and heavy almost without my awareness. I wonder why it feels as though I carry the weight of the world in my shoulders sometimes and I am kindly reminded that I feel everything incredibly viscerally. How ginger and tender and sad our reality is. How bleak the enormous hole that is being dug; deeper and deeper we plunge.

Through the ages of many lifetimes I’ve carried unworthiness which sneaks up on me when I feel afraid, exposed, vulnerable. Like a small child I offer my flowers to energies I feel connected to. I give them away innocently and earnestly hoping that one day there’ll be a man who’ll be strong enough to match my strength. Gentle yet electric; luminous. 

Oh how I earn for lightness. For brighter days. For whimsical carefree nights. For freedom. For Liberty. For love. For an unchained, safe existence.