In Real Space and Physical Time

Written By - Tessa Cash

I love thinking about you 
Whimsically as the sun has begun shining 
In the Northern Hemisphere
Yet also in my damp, craggy soul 
That has seemingly started to feel the crisp golden glow 
Of hope that was shot down in a horrific line of successive fire
That I thought would kill me
But instead only left me red raw and peeling
Grazed to the bone 
Only to be carried to safety 
By philia of new and old 
{to you my dears I say “gratia tibi in the highest regard”}
And is slowly being healed and renewed and polished with warmth and love. 
One skin layer, one nerve, one bone at a time. 
You who I do not know yet
At all
I do not know 
Who you are
But just so you know
I’’ve loved you 
Since before forever 
Since before the layers of the earth were formed. 
And I’ll love you a little bit more each day 
Until the day our souls peer at each other
In real space and physical time.
And I’ll love that you love me
And all my faults 
And idiosyncrasies 
Oh all the ridiculous things I do 
That somebody else 
Smirked at me for 
And moaned about incessantly 
Or thought were entirely unacceptable.
And I’ll love all yours too.
Even on the days I can’t leave my bed
Or cannot bear the polluted air that floats too thick for my tender spirit. 
I’ll do my best my babies
And stretch myself too thin
I’ll run when you call
With the urgency that only love possesses
You’ll paint love in aqua marine green on my faded bloody walls
Because I think that’s what love does 
And what love is 
And what I hope it’ll be. 
And maybe these are just words for now 
In a caption 
Underneath a photograph I took
Somewhere in the Mediterranean 
But just know
I mean every single one.