Dog Years

Written By - Tessa Cash

I’m ready to go down in flames 
Burn me at the stake 
I’m tired of fighting 

Of tension 
Of grinding 
Grinding my teeth until they break in my sleep

My chest is tight
So tight I can’t breathe 
I can’t walk in a straight line

Too many hurdles 
Too many queues 
Too many hoops to jump through

I miss the sun 
The lightness 
But I don’t know where to find it 

Stop telling me to push 
I can barely stand up straight 
Blood trickles down my face 

I listen to the same song on repeat
Waiting to break
To fall
And fail
Where is the break through 
I’m impatient to wade into 

Pain and struggle
This year has brought in bundles
My hands sting as skin peels from my fingertips
Repeating the same obsessive tricks

My eye twitches 
My nerve tingles
My mind withers 

Crawling to the finish line
Can’t seem to find my kind
Maybe I need to crack open 
To allow the light to shine through