Written By - Tessa Cash

Oh she went to the desert 
To the desert she went 
To find you 
To drink a bitter cup 
Of disinheritance
All over the world she went 
She went to learn the lessons that came from past lives 
Past lives that kept her trapped
An entrapment that sent this misty sea goat sweetheart up the mountain 
Up the mountain she went
From south to north 
The hemispheres don’t hit the same. 
She went around the world to escape time 
To find space that don’t exist here
She doesn’t exist here
She don’t belong here 
She doesn’t belong here
She never belonged here.
Her spirit too vast to feel comfortable in a body 
Too freedom fighting be be wrapped in a skin that’s too tight.
Too fragile to be weighed down by cumbersome flesh
Her blood too full of self loathing pain.
Her thoughts be like darts 
Too fast for her mind to process 
Karma set like clay from long ago
From far too long ago
The past thirty years spent 
Digging up the trenches of deep set trauma in her bones 
Only to be reduced to
An anorexic state devoid of desire 
Because she didn’t want to exist here.
She doesn’t want to exist here. 
So how can she make peace with the earth beneath her feet?
With the dirt, the dust, the grime, the crumb
The complicated interwoven interactions that never cease to end?
Breathe a little deeper
Vibe a little higher 
Listen a little louder
Stretch a little farther
Process and rinse
Simply process and rinse.