Written By - Tessa Cash

I am tender
And soft
And kind
And I have died in this place
So many times.

It is a desert
And I am not built for the harshness and oppression that lives here
I long to be free
To be colourful
To be ignited with flamboyant passion
I am not perfect but by goodness I care.

I will help
Help to carry your pain
But I can’t stay in this barren land any longer.

For I have been broken down
Bone by bone
Tendon by tendon
Nerve by nerve
Tear by tear
Lover by lover
Heartache by heartache
Scraping my bones painfully back to soul start.

Oh life
When I asked you to cleanse me
I knew not what you meant
Surely I did not understand
It would be so beyond difficile
Beyond anything I could possibly fathom.