Bird Call Songs

Written By - Tessa Cash

I sang sad bird calls
All over the city
All over the lost angels
I crooned and whistled 
To the mountains
I called out to you 
I hoped my song would swish and swirl 
Working mystic magic to find you. 
Every sunset I wished
You were there
Every victory
Every milestone
Every proud moment
Each time I sunk my roots deeper into this earth
I wished you were there
And now you’re here 
You’ve returned 
Like a bear from hibernated slumber 
And you behave like no time has passed
Like no time has passed at all
And that the world almost didn’t end
While you were gone.
You say nothing really 
Nothing of real consequence 
Maybe you feel nothing
For the earth and the air and the fire you have 
I don’t believe your truth 
I have felt every moment
Every moment, stringent and visceral 
Like ink filled needles slowly tattooing my skin.
And so when I look down 
I’ve seemingly changedI’ve changed
Almost without noticing it 
Oh how pain has changed me. 
Transformed me. 
Taken me higher. 
And now my bird call songs 
Are not for you 
They’re for the me
They’re for me and the bees
They’re for the bees 
Who will bring my honey to me.