A New World

Written By - Tessa Cash

I think a part of me loved you when we first began
We hadn’t met yet
Those first few months
A layer of love was there.

Then you came and I knew that the love was there
That it would grow
A tiny new layer grew that Sunday eve into Monday noon.

I knew I’d have to shed everything I’d known love to be and embrace this new way of being
Of feeling
I had to consciously release fears and triggers of old wounds.

So I breathed
I breathed slow and deep
I counted the breaths like I did before you arrived
Thar first night we met

I breathed into the fear
Into the hurt
Into the ocean of unknown

And with each breath
The rush of oxygen filtered out the pain
And welcomed in the new

So slowly
But surely
It became apparent

That this love
Wouldn’t be like anything else I had felt before
This love would take the shape of peace

Of integrity
Of fluidity
Of flow

Of safety
And security
Of width and
Of a depth that my heart had yearned for
For a very long time.

*you, despite all the reasons before and beyond.
are finally here*