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I am your friendly neighbourhood word lover, welcome to my small corner of the World Wide Web.

I know your mamma told you not to talk to strangers, so I’ll introduce myself as a down down to earth Australian navigating the swells of the northern hemisphere as a freelance writer.

My craft is that of ye olde wordsmith. I offer services in content writing, proof reading, social media marketing and advisement, tagline and caption penning, copywriting and prose creation.

In a world obsessed with storytelling and conveying information, never underestimate the power words can imbue.


As a study assignment in high school, an essay began to be applied relatively recently. The main purpose of this type of educational task is to teach students to form and express a personal attitude or opinion to anything. The structure of the essay, unlike the essay and other educational tasks is arbitrary. Basically, this type of work is written on a specific topic using thoughts (ideas, theses) on the topic and their argumentation. In this work, one can track the presence of a brief introduction and conclusion in the form of a summary, when writing, the artistic or scientific-popular style is most often used, the text is allowed to express emotionality and expressiveness. The authors of the company papersowl review take into account these conditions for me, will also listen to all your additional requirements, so click on the link and order the work.
The level of the essay is determined by the severity of the identity of the author in it – his worldview, thoughts and feelings. Despite the insignificant amount of essay that does not exceed 2-3 pages, writing it causes difficulties associated with the ability not only to study and analyze information, but also to produce and then express a personal attitude to the subject being studied. It may be noted that not every author is strong in this type of work. Essays are well written by authors who already have experience writing and publishing articles, essays, notes in newspapers and online publications. Our authors can be happy to assist you in writing an essay on any topic and discipline.